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Miley Cyrus makes parents happy

November 16th, 2017

“Miley makes me smiley.” A handmade sign held high by a fan during Wednesday’s appearance by Hannah Montana, a.k.a. Miley Cyrus, at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles summed up all the screams and squeals during the night for the teen TV and pop star.

The sold-out audience of young teen, tween and toddler girls, along with some boys, was all smiles, dancing and singing along. Parents smiled too, watching their happy kids. And even some ushers were smiling. When’s the last time you saw that?

Cyrus’ hit Disney Channel show “Hannah Montana,” which co-stars her father, one-time country pinup Billy Ray Cyrus, is about a teen pop star coming to terms with her onstage and offstage personas, and this show did the same.

For the first half of the 80-minute concert, she was Hannah, wearing her blond wig and various outfits that included spangled tops over leggings. Just 14, she’s already a playful pro, singing mostly uptempo tunes including “Life’s What You Make It,” the spunky “Old Blue Jeans” and the rah-rah “Pumpin’ Up the Party.”

Anchored by chunky guitar or keyboard waves, the candy-coated pop-rock was hook-filled and probably reminded some moms and dads of the early ’80s new wave sound and groups like the Go-Go’s.

The lighting, video screen images and costumes for the dancers matched the music — colorful with lots of green, red and pink, lots of pink — while the choreography was unpretentious and loose, never getting in the way of the songs.

Midway, for “We Got the Party,” Cyrus was joined by her opening act, Disney’s Jonas Brothers, who drew their own starry-eyed high-pitched screams. The trio played a couple of its generic Radio Disney hits while she transformed backstage into her “real” self, Miley.

Wearing a fashion-mall-punky outfit, her wavy brunette hair a touch wild, she beamed for bubblegum garage-rock of “Start All Over” and was silly sneer for “See You Again.” She mugged, stuck out her tongue and grinned throughout more costume changes and cutesy production numbers such as the salsa-dipped “Let’s Dance” and school spirit of “East Northumberland High.”

Sure, cynics might see the whole thing as calculated Disney marketing, but the music was much more lively than the dance dolly and boy band mania of the late ’90s. Plus, it’s wholesome, positive without pandering and free of expletives and sexual innuendo.

So maybe the fluffy songs won’t be more than nostalgic memories in 10-15 years, except, perhaps, the anthem kiss-off to mean boys “G.N.O. (Girls Night Out).” She finished the main set with her TV show’s theme song “The Best of Both Worlds,” a duet with her blond Hannah persona up on the video screens.

Although some parents already were heading out with the kids during the encore, Cyrus followed through, sitting on a stool at the end of the ramp on the arena floor, strumming guitar, gently backed by her band for the lower-key, sentimental “I Miss You,” dedicated to her late grandfather.

Going from Hannah to Miley in the show is a smart move, setting up that future career as a recording artist once the TV program is gone. And this teen talent definitely has that future ahead of her. With lots more smileys to come.

Hannah Montana Movie

November 12th, 2017

Hannah Montana: The Movie is a planned film adaptation of the American children’s television series Hannah Montana. It has been confirmed by Mitchel Musso, Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus. Its release date has not been announced. In TV Guide, Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus stated that they can take time in spring of 2008 to film the movie. Miley Cyrus confirmed that the movie will be released in theaters and may be filmed in Tennessee. n TV Guide, Miley Cyrus said that Billy Ray will produce the movie, and it will most likely premiere in the winter of 2008. Miley Cyrus stated that the producers and cast are making a script. No details on the plot have been released as of yet but it has been confirmed by Miley Cyrus that the movie will come out in cinemas rather than be a Disney Channel Original Movie. Country Weekly Magazine has reported that Dolly Parton, Heather Locklear, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could make appearances in the film. Billy Ray Cyrus has also expressed a desire for Willie Nelson to appear.

Disney Fan Club music-video

November 4th, 2017

New Logo Premiered for Disney Hollywood Studios in WDW

October 28th, 2017

Disney-MGM Studios will be transitioning to a new name — Disney’s Hollywood Studios — effective Jan. 7, 2008. “Mickey still plays a prominent role for us,” said Studios vice-president Michael O’Grattan, “and Hollywood now truly is our middle name.”

As a sneak peak, The Walt Disney World Resort has unveiled the new official logo for the renamed theme park. That probably means we’ll start to see it appearing in the park replacing the old name soon.

I’ve always liked the new name, but I’m not so sure about the new logo. Sure it’s nice having the Big Cheese in there; but something about the way he fits in the ‘O’ and how small he is in proportion to the logo seems wrong to me. Will there be a version of the logo without Mickey that they can use on merchandise that features Mickey, or non-Disney characters, in other ways?

The other thing that bothers me about this logo is the positioning/size of “Hollywood”. It’s off-center, but not aligned all the way to the right either. I guess they wanted to get that tricky drop down with the ‘H’ in there while keeping the tight kerning of the letters..

The little interlocking ‘O’s’ in HollywOOd are cute, but is it really necessary? I also get a slight nautical feeling from the logo, as if the same person who designed this also did the logo work for the Disney Cruise lines. That just may be because the ‘O’s are so perfectly circular they remind me of ship portals.

On the whole, I think the logo will grow on me. It conveys the spirit of Hollywood glamor. It clearly emphasizes the ‘Studio’ aspect of the park, but brings in enough theming leeway for them to start experimenting more with properties not so directly tied to movie production. Plus, I like the art-deco feel.

Scott Power’s piece in the Orlando Sentinel makes a few more interesting points about the park’s new direction. She also makes the point that while MGM may be dropped from the name, that doesn’t mean all the MGM related items and attractions will escorted out of the park (although I’ve heard that some will be).

Disney to give $2 Million to help wildfire victims

October 27th, 2017

The Walt Disney Company Commits $2 Million in Aid for Southern California Wildfire Victims and Relief Efforts
The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) announced today that it will contribute $2 million in aid towards relief efforts for the nearly one million victims of the Southern California wildfires. An initial $200,000 will be donated to the American Red Cross for immediate relief efforts and the remainder will be earmarked for volunteer centers and future rebuilding, including helping to restore Southern California’s natural environment.

“The devastation these fires have brought to the Southern California area is tragic,” said Robert A. Iger, president and CEO, The Walt Disney Company. “As a responsible member of the community, The Walt Disney Company hopes that our donation and relief efforts will aid emergency management teams and organizations as they provide assistance to those impacted, as well as bring some hope to those struggling in the aftermath of this disaster.”

Disney will also assist those affected by the fires with its volunteer and outreach efforts, including the distribution of care packages at shelters throughout the area for displaced families and, to raise their spirits, Disney characters will visit Qualcomm Stadium and other shelters in San Diego and Orange County this week.

Disneyland Resort plans to host the courageous and dedicated firefighters committed to this effort and their families for a special day of appreciation in the near future.

Miley Cyrus on 3D

October 25th, 2017

Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds tour, which launches tomorrow, will be captured on film and screened at 3D movie theaters early next year.

Cyrus–who, during the tour, is scheduled to perform a set of material as her Disney Channel character Hannah Montana and then close the show with material from her solo album, “Meet Miley Cyrus”–will hit the silver screen for one week only, Feb. 1-7, at movie theaters in the US and Canada, according to Walt Disney Studios, and will also run in a number of international markets in the spring.

Director Bruce Hendricks and producer Art Repola, both of whom worked on ESPN’s “Ultimate X: The Movie,” plan to shoot several of Cyrus’ upcoming performances in “state-of-the-art 3D,” according to Disney.

Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus

October 18th, 2017

Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus is the second soundtrack from the Disney Channel original series Hannah Montana; the album also serves as the debut album by Miley Cyrus who stars in the television series.

The album was released on June 26, 2017 from Walt Disney Records and Hollywood Records. The CD has two parts, as it serves a dual purpose: Disc one features ten songs by Hannah for the Season 2 Soundtrack, while disc two features ten songs that serve as Miley Cyrus’ debut album. During its first week of sales, it debuted in the U.S. at #1 on the Billboard 200 with 326,000 album copies sold. The album has sold about 1.8 million copies worldwide and 1.5 million in the U.S. The album is now certified triple platinum.

Disc 1 - Hannah Montana 2
1. “We Got the Party” - 3:36
2. “Nobody’s Perfect” - 3:20
3. “Make Some Noise” - 4:47
4. “Rock Star” - 2:58
5. “Old Blue Jeans” - 3:22
6. “Life’s What You Make It” - 3:10
7. “One In a Million” - 3:55
8. “Bigger Than Us” - 2:57
9. “You and Me Together” - 3:47
10. “True Friend” - 3:10
11. “We Got the Party” featuring Jonas Brothers - 3:36 (Rock Star Edition Bonus Track)

Disc 2 - Meet Miley Cyrus
1. “See You Again” - 3:09
2. “East Northumberland High” - 3:23
3. “Let’s Dance” - 3:02
4. “G.N.O. (Girl’s Night Out)” - 3:37
5. “Right Here” - 2:44
6. “As I Am” - 3:45
7. “Start All Over” - 3:26
8. “Clear” - 3:02
9. “Good and Broken” - 2:55
10. “I Miss You” - 3:59
11. “Ready, Set, Don’t Go” featuring Billy Ray Cyrus - 4:05 (Rock Star Edition Bonus Track)